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Flash Liquid - Sugarplum Delight

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Perfect for cleaning around the Christmas period, this 2.05L bottle of Flash All Purpose Sugarplum Delight Liquid will bring a fresh and festive smell to your home. Suitable for all rooms of the home, this solution will remove dirt and grime as well as kill bacteria.


  • Makes your home smell like Christmas
  • Powerful multi surface cleaning
  • Cleans in cold water, saving energy

Preparation and Usage

Use it Diluted for floor cleaning: Pour 2x Caps (60ml) for 5L of water. No need to rinse. On painted and varnished surfaces, only Use diluted. If in doubt, test on a hidden area before use. Do not use on non-washable surfaces e.g. waxed wood, untreated wood... When used neat (directly on the surface or sponge), rinse and dry hands after use. People with sensitive skin should avoid prolonged contact with the product.